Premium for free

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As I managed to lower the cost of hosting, I started thinking about how to find new users. And it dawned upon me that MarkerMeet does not really make sense if there are no users in first place.

Therefore, until there is a satisfactory number of meetings every day, there will be no free/premium distinction - all new accounts are going to be premium automatically and with no expiration, that means they are going to stay premium forever.

Meeting a stranger

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Users on MarkerMeet decide on a time and on a place when they plan a meeting but there are no profiles or anything you could identify the other person with. You don't know who you are going to meet, it may be a man, it may be a woman. It may be someone older, younger or someone of the same age as you.

But being a stranger is not a bad thing. The person you are going to meet does not have any "dating" motive such as "Man looking for a woman" or "Woman looking for a man". It makes no sense because he or she does not know what gender you are. The other user just wants to meet you and we'll see what happens next :)


  • People expect nothing, they just want to meet you and find about you.
  • User's rating is based on real meetings with other users and not on profiles or pictures.
  • People who meet on MarkerMeet are not afraid of new people (or maybe they're just brave :))


  • No contacts are shared between users. Both user's must be present at the exact spot and on the time designated by the marker.
  • You're never 100% sure that the other person will show up on the meeting. We made an ABSENT rating for this situation, see How it works
  • Confirming a meeting with a complete stranger may require some courage.

Hello world!

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Here we are.

After a year of work, we are finally live.

I wonder where the first meeting happens.