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Meeting someone you don’t know for the first time can be a little daunting and you’re bound to have a question or two. We’ve answered a bunch here but if you still have more, email us at [email protected]

Is MarkerMeet safe to use?

With MarkerMeet you have total control over the time and place of a meeting you set. Likewise if you don’t feel comfortable with the time and place of another user’s marker, the meeting will not be confirmed.

We encourage all users to use their discretion and common sense when meeting one another. These are some tips to keep in mind to make your MarkerMeet a safe experience.

  • Don’t go to areas that you feel uncomfortable with.
  • Don’t go at times you’re uncomfortable with.
  • Take a friend with you to make sure everything is fine.
  • Meet in open, public spaces.

What if I need to cancel a meeting?

If you realize that you cannot make the scheduled meeting, cancel the meeting as early as possible.

Premium account members can cancel one meeting per 30 days with no penalty.* Additional cancellations can be made for a small fee. Once the meeting is cancelled you cannot be rated by the other user and that time slot is made available. You are then free to create a new meeting.

When a meeting is cancelled, the other person will be notified by email or SMS.

*Free account cancellations always incur a penalty. See our price list.

What if I'm going to be delayed for a meeting?

You can announce a delay for each meeting. The other user will be notified by email (or SMS). You can set a maximum delay of 20 minutes, after which the other user is free to leave and give you an ABSENT rating.

But what if something happens and I won't be able to cancel the meeting?

If you’re unable to cancel a meeting in time the worst that will happen is you receive an ABSENT rating.

Please note that it is not in the power of administrators to find out why you did not come to the meeting. You can get rid of an ABSENT rating only when you send a complaint but this is not guaranteed. If you received the rating legitimately, do not send any complaint and rate the other user with , which serves as an expression of apology for not arriving at the meeting.

What if the other user does not arrive?

If the other user does not arrive without sending a delay notification, you are free to leave after 5 minutes and rate them ABSENT. Users with too many absent ratings are unlikely to have meetings confirmed in the future. We all make mistakes, but if a user has more than one absent rating, we suggest you be cautious in confirming to meet with them so as to not waste your time.

What if I don't like the other user?

Please rate him/her with a . Not everyone will get along and that’s okay. Negative ratings are only to be used for absences and users who violate the user etiquette and are grossly offensive or inappropriate.

I got a ABSENT rating, now what?

We all make mistakes sometimes. You are able to trade in positive ratings and remove the ABSENT rating you received. Otherwise you can pay to have it removed.

Negative rating Price Exchange rate for positive rating
ABSENT $15 2 × or
$10 1 × or

Why is it even possible to trade the negative rating?

We have the possibility to trade the ABSENCE because we don't want to permanently punish users, who did not come to one meeting out of 12 positively rated meetings.

As with the "sad smile" - we always investigate why was this rating given regardless whether it was traded or not, we may ban the user in the end.
In rare situations, we may decide not to ban the user. For example, we may find that the explanation given by the rating user is not something dangerous and it certainly does not break our user etiquette. The user should have rated with instead. This is subjective matter though. On one hand, we don't want to punish users just because a single person did not like him. On the other hand, we don't want to trivialize the reasons of the rating user, they may be perfectly valid reasons: not valid enough to ban the user but valid enough to keep the rating.

What if I rate someone negatively and the user then removes that rating?

Buying out the rating does not affect the user who gave it. If your rated someone with ABSENT, you will still see it on them. At the same time, if the other user traded the negative rating with a positive rating you gave him, you will continue to see that positive rating on him.

How do I choose users by rating?

If you want to confirm a meeting from another user’s marker simply look at his rating by clicking on the marker.

When creating your own meeting, you can hide your marker from users that don’t meet your criteria. In your user settings you can choose who to hide your markers from:

  • Users with a rating lower than a certain amount.
  • Users with without a certain number of proofs of meeting
  • Users with at least 2 × ABSENT
  • Users with any negative rating
  • Users with no rating

Beware that if you choose all of these options for your markers and you configure the thresholds too high, you risk no one will see your markers at all.

How do I avoid meeting with the same user? is intended for people to meet new people. Users are free to continue meeting outside of the realms of MarkerMeet if they wish. After a meeting you can set your ‘Mutual next meeting’ configuration to ‘No’ which means you won’t see markers from that individual and vice versa. This will only change when both users set their ‘Mutual next meeting’ to ‘Yes’. You will be notified in the marker dialogue if you’ve previously met with that user before.

Can I bring someone along to the meeting?

It's completely okay to take someone along to the meeting but avoid taking more than one or two people. MarkerMeet is designed to help individuals connect with each other, so going with a group of people defeats the purpose and can make the other person uncomfortable.

What if we don’t speak the same language?

In your account profile you can set which languages you speak. Only markers from people that share a language with you will be visible to you and vice versa.

Markers in detail

Where is it possible to create a marker?

Anywhere on the map is available.

Where should I create the marker?

Because the the marker is the only identification of the meeting place, it’s important to place it in a publicly accessible area that is clearly visible. Markers should not be on trees, roofs, clouds etc. If you know there's a popular meeting place under that tree, you restrict your chances to meet only people who know about that place.

Is there a delay before I can meet?

There is always at least 1 hour interval between the moment a meeting is created and the planned meeting time.

How long can a marker be seen?

Premium account holders can choose how close to the meeting time a marker remains visible. The shortest you can set a marker to expire is one hour before the meeting. I.e. If you create a meeting for tomorrow at 5pm, you can set the marker to expire at 4pm, latest. After this the marker is removed and users cannot confirm a meeting. The longest you can choose a marker to expire is two days before the scheduled meeting.

Space-time marker limit

If two markers of any two users are at the same time, they must be at least 30 meters apart. If two markers are closer than 30 meters, they must be at least 30 minutes apart. This limit is to avoid multiple meetings happening at the same place at the same time.

Meetings in detail

What are meeting limits?

After meeting is created, you cannot create any more meetings for 18 hours with the free account and 4 with the premium account. This limit does not include cancelled meetings.

How many times can I meet?

You can have only one planned meeting with the free account and 5 planned meetings with the premium account at once. Once the meeting time is in the past, you can plan another one, there is no limit to a total number of meetings.

How to plan meetings?

A confirmed meeting is an agreement between two people. By creating a marker or accepting another user’s marker, you are committing to attending the meeting.


Trusted user

A trusted user is either one of the administrators or someone personally known to administrators. This user reliably shows up to their meetings and cancels them in good time. Essentially, this person is someone we trust you will enjoy meeting with. A trusted user is distinguished by the icon below in the dialog when you click on the marker.

Premium account expiration

Once your premium account expires, all your markers will be removed.

Your planned meetings are not affected, you are still going to be rated and you are still expected to come to the meeting.

Effects of a user ban

If a user is banned, all their planned meetings are cancelled and the negative ratings they gave other users are removed. That means if you received a negative rating from a user which is then banned, that negative rating is then removed automatically for free and you don't need to buy it or trade it for a positive rating.

Potential problems that may arise using MarkerMeet

What if both users rate each other with absence

If two users rate each other ABSENT, it’s impossible for administrators to know who actually arrived at the meeting and who didn’t. Should you give an absent rating and receive one from the other user please fill a complaint and we’ll do our best to assist you.

What if users rate each other with a

Users who rate with are required to provide an explanation. We will try to communicate with both users to find a solution. It's possible that no solution will be found and we cannot guarantee that we the negative ratings will be removed.

I rated positively but the other user gave me a negative rating. I don't understand, we both enjoyed the meeting.

If you feel there is no reason for the other user to give you a negative rating, please fill a complaint. Again, we cannot guarantee that we remove the rating but if we find out that the other user has done this at least once before, we will ban them immediately and permanently.

I see much less markers than on the front page or I don't see any markers at all.

The markers that are visible before you log in are markers of all users but markers you see are only the markers which fit into these conditions:

  • Your total rating fits the limitation settings of the user who created the marker.
  • You do not have a planned meeting with this user.
  • Your mutual "Repeated meeting" setting with the user you met allows mutual visibility.
  • Time of the other user marker is not in the 4 hour limit of some of your meeting.

I met someone twice even though I didn’t allow the "Next meetings" with them. What does it mean?

This means that the other user has violated the "One account" rule. Please notify us on the complaint page with the number of your first meeting and we will investigate. Users who hold multiple accounts will be banned.