The best way to meet new people. Face to face.

MarkerMeet brings people together in face-to-face meetings. In a world full of digital communication, MarkerMeet helps people create real connections, in real life.

Setting up a Meeting

Create a marker or respond to an existing one

To create a meeting, plant a marker where you’d like to meet. Otherwise find an existing marker and click confirm. A confirmation email or SMS will notify both users that the meeting is on.

Going on a Meeting

How users recognize one another

There are two tools to help users find each other on a meeting.

1. Clothing colours

When users create a meeting, they state what colour clothing they’ll be wearing on the day. This can be adjusted once a meeting is confirmed.

2. Location sharing

Each user can opt to privately share their location with the other user on a map via a web browser. If the other user shares their location, you’ll see them on your map as well.

After a Meeting

Rate your experience

After a meeting, each user must rate their experience before they can create a new marker. A user’s ratings are displayed on their markers and are divided into positive and negative categories.

How to Rate Other Users

Rating is an important part of the MarkerMeet experience. Below is a breakdown of the rating options and how you should use them.

Positive rating

You loved your experience and had a very good time.

You enjoyed your experience and had no complaints.

Neutral rating

A neutral rating. You may not have enjoyed the meeting, but there’s nothing negative about the person that other users should be concerned about. If you’re unsure how to rate, choose this option.

Negative rating


The other person failed to arrive without any warning.

The other person was unpleasant to be with and administrator's attention is required.

Read more in our user etiquette about how ratings work.

Proof of Meeting

A valid proof of meeting is a picture of both users with information about the meeting on it (shown on phone or on a piece of paper): meeting number, meeting time and coordinates.
Proof of meeting is not a part of the compulsory rating system, it's not compulsory to upload any picture after the meeting.

Once the proof of meeting is approved, they will be rated with the proof of meeting mark , which will be visible on their markers.

The photo you upload is not published anywhere, nor visible to anyone else than to you in your account.