User etiquette

Meeting planning

  1. Expect the meeting to last for at least one hour.
  2. Do not plan any meeting if you have been in a tight schedule lately with sudden, unexpected and important changes.
  3. Do not plan any meeting just to increase your rating.

Marker creation

  1. Your marker is a promise to other users that you are prepared to meet at given time and given place. Expect that anyone anytime may confirm the meeting from your marker while it exists.
  2. Remove the marker once you find out you cannot make it to the meeting.
  3. Before you create a marker, search the map for another marker you may want to confirm.

Meeting creation

  1. Meeting is created for both users: for the user who created the marker and for the user who confirmed the marker.
  2. Meeting is binding. You are expected to come.
  3. Once you find out you cannot make it, you must cancel the meeting as soon as possible. The other user will be notified at least by email (eventually by SMS) and you avoid the absence rating.
  4. If it's possible, change your clothes colors just before you go to the meeting to match what you are actually wearing.

Waiting on the other user

  1. Go to the meeting on the exact place where the marker was pointing.
  2. Go to the meeting at least 5 minutes before the meeting time.
  3. Do NOT wait until the other user approaches you. Look for him and seek him actively but in a sensible range around the exact meeting place, from 10 to 50 meters depending on the area around: number of people, traffic situation etc.
  4. If the planned meeting time has passed, wait at least another 10 minutes.
  5. Keep checking your inbox or SMS on your phone. Other user may have announced a delay which could be at most 20 minutes or he could at the last moment change his colors.
  6. If the other user announced a delay, wait the time mentioned in the delay which can be at most 20 minutes after the meeting time.
  7. If you can, share your position with the other user.
  8. If you followed all advice in this chapter and have not yet met the other user, do not wait any longer and rate the other user with ABSENT.

Meeting the real person

  1. It is forbidden to use MarkerMeet:
    • as a tool for recruitment to groups of any kind;
    • for prostitution, erotic services, escort etc.;
    • to promote goods or services;
    • for any business interest whatsoever;
  2. If the person you have met violated the rules above, it's a serious violation of our General Terms and we ask you to mention this in the form when you rate the other user with .
  3. It is not forbidden to come with a friend, partner or someone else you know to the meeting with a new person from MarkerMeet but you should not come with more than two other people. Please understand that at the moment MarkerMeet does not support meeting planning for groups.

Rating the other user

  1. Always rate the other user with or if there is no specific rule in this user etiquette about how you should rate the other user in your situation. These are the most precious ratings which signify that the meeting took place and was worth it. The more or anyone has, the greater his chance to meet other users.
  2. If your experience was somewhat problematic but not really worrisome, rate the other user with . This rating is considered neutral.

Rating the other user: negative rating

  1. If the other user did not come to the meeting, rate him with ABSENT.
  2. If you did not come to the meeting which you did not cancel, rate the other user with . This is an a expression of understanding and apology that the other user had to wait for you but you did not show up.
  3. If the other user whom you did not meet before did not come to the meeting and he gave you , allow him to meet with you again.
  4. Do not rate with ABSENT if you did not come to the meeting yourself. Violating this rule is serious offense and may lead to a permanent ban.
  5. If the other user seriously violated any rule of this user etiquette, if he or she went too far over what you consider to be common sense, if your experience with him was clearly negative and/or if it makes sense to warn other users, rate with .
  6. If there were 4 or more people people on the meeting, you have the right (not obligation) to rate the other user with but only if it was a waste of time for you.
  7. If the other user did NOT speak any of the languages you set up in your account, you have the right to rate him/her with .
  8. Always state a reason why you rated someone with .